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Frequently Asked Questions

Credits can be used, at any time within one year of purchase, to download all types of content on - photos, illustrations and videos. It can also be used to purchase an Extended License, if needed. It's just like 'Pay As You Go' but with a bulk discount.

A recurring Subscription is recommended for users that need a minimum number of images every month. These plans allow for image downloads from S to XL for both photos and vectors (EPS for vectors are also available). These downloads come with a Standard License. Subscriptions only allow downloads of photos and/or illustrations (not videos).

Yes, you can. Just go to 'My Account > Cancel auto renewal (subscriptions)' to turn off the auto-renewal.

A Standard License allows you to use the content in all your personal, commercial and advertising projects.

An Extended License is required when you need the rights to resell a product that incorporates the content, or in an Editorial usage when the content is used for more than 500,000 aggregate print runs.

For further information, please refer to our license details page or contact us.

Yes, you can. Just go to 'My Account > Cancel auto renewal (subscriptions)' to turn off the auto-renewal before the renewal date.